This page is dedicated to keeping track of the beers we've tasted, and what we've thought of them, because, you know I can't remember EVERY beer. This is a quick reference of what we have tasted and what we thought of the beers; for more detailed accounts of the beers, please read the archived posts related to the beers listed.

Two Brothers Brewery, Warrenville, IL
Monarch White beer is a light and earthy white beer with a gorgeous light color. The first word that came to mind when I sipped it was scrumptious. 
Ebel's Weiss, which had strong notes of vanilla and banana, and was very tasty.
Domaine DuPage, is a darker ale, with a very rich taste. It was perfectly balanced with a roasty malt flavor and a nice hoppy ending
Dog Days a seasonal beer, which was "damn good".
Caine and Ebel was smooth and tasty
Resistance IPA wasn't overpowering but sensible and flavorful.
Reprieve I LOVED it. It was not your normal Pilsner. The German malts were defiantly present in the beer, but not overwhelming.
Weiss Beer  a seasonal beer that was phenomenal, especially since barley wine usually makes me make faces because it is either too sour or too booze-y. 

Brasserie Dupont, Belgium
Biere De Miel (Beer with honey) I really liked it. It was simple, one flavor note that was extended by the large amount of carbonation. It was a light crisp beer with no aftertaste

Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel, Quebec
Aphrodisiaque (Aphrodisiac) this ale was so strong that I didn’t taste any of the vanilla or chocolate or even bourbon that was promised, all it tasted like to me was burnt barley.
Solstice d'hiver (Winter solstice) There was no beer flavor, it didn’t even taste like any barley wine we had ever tried, it was just overwhelming booze flavor.

Dogfish Head, Milton DE
Chateau Jiahu: Fruity and light with a wonderful aftertaste. Rather sweet beer that was surprisingly alcoholic for how light it tasted.
Midas Touch

New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, CO
Vrienden; which is apparently Flemish for Friend. A collaboration beer with Allagash, the hibiscus was very prominent. This was a clean and crisp beer, with a hoppy aftertaste. We really liked this one.
Ranger IPA very good, and I am not really a fan of IPA 
Mothership Wit very surprising in the depth of flavor, and I really enjoyed it.
Somersault a summer style beer, nice clean flavor. Not necessarily one that I would purchase on it’s own, but not one I would turn down
Fat Tire not my favorite offering from New Belgium, but a decent beer
Biere De Mars (Lips of Faith) crisp beer, not as melodic tasting as the Ommegang brew of the same name, but still a delicious beer with a strong yeast profile and a clear hop note. Also a slight banana after taste

Clown Shoes Brewery, Ipswich MA
Brown Angel I thought that this brown ale was rather tasty; it was darker than I anticipated, and had a very strong roasted malt flavor that was almost overpowering. If you don’t like bitter beers, this is not going to be for you.
Clementine Beer, was astoundingly good, sweet and fruity yet still a clean beer taste.

Grand Teton Brewing Company, Victor, ID
Persephone Pils:  It was neither a pilsner as we know it, nor was it true pale ale. Its hoppiness really takes center stage but it is then rounded out with a cleaner pilsner flavor.

Lindeman’s Brewery, Belgium
Framboise Lambic, Never having a Lambic before, and not really knowing what it was all about, we were very surprised to have something so, well for lack of a better term, “un-beer-like”. I recommend trying this one. It is a step out of the ordinary and a delicious step at that.

Ommegang brewery in Cooperstown, NY
Hennepin a Saison named after a Belgian explorer; I highly recommend that you try Hennepin
Rare Vos thought that it was very good, but not as outstanding as some of the other beers from this brewery.

Southern Tier, South Carolina
Crème Brule Stout- scratch and sniff? Smells so good! Strong knock you on your butt up front taste, good mouth feel, smooth and delicious sort of sweet finish.
422 a little more fruity than one would expect from the smell. It was a good balance of hops and the wheat flavor. I have to say I was very impressed.

Anchor Brewery, San Francisco, CA
Steam Beer, It was a very interesting beer, not terribly different from what you are used to, but different enough to keep you interested.
Smoove Cherry Ale, Montana incredibly sour and yet still a hint of cherry to it. I wasn’t able to drink more than 4 sips of this beer.
Golden Monkey an overly spiced Belgian style ale that sort of kicks your mouth. Good for cooking brats in…
Brouwerij Huyghe ,Belgium
Delirium Nocturnum

Empire Brewing New York
Empire Cream Ale it was really tasty, with a mild bitterness that sort of mellowed out as the beer went on.

Shock Top Brewery, St.Louis, MO
Shock Top nicely spiced Belgium style ale; a middle of the road beer that will appeal to the masses.
Stiegel , Germany
Weisse This was a nice fruity beer with banana and vanilla flavors, but it was well balanced and you could still taste the wheat and yeast.

Bell’s Brewery, Gallesburg, MI
Oberon It was very well balanced, not too sweet, not too hoppy... just right.

Unibrou, Quebec
La Fin Du Monde The name is French for The end of the world (the brewery is in Quebec) and with one of these delicious beers in hand I would be okay if it was the end of the world
Maudite A little more aggressive with the malts and hops, Maudite is still a well balance, well spice Belgian style ale.

Krombacher, Germany
Pilsner crisp and clean pilsner is a refreshing choice on a hot summer day.

Small town Brewery, Wauconda, IL
Wheat Ale is well balanced, has a very strong flavor of the wheat which I really liked. It coats your mouth like melting chocolate, letting you enjoy the flavor notes in between sips.
Three Floyd’s Brewery, Hammond IN
Apocalypse Cow one of the best IPA's I have ever tasted

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