Thursday, October 20, 2011

Interview with a beer man

So I wanted to have Blake write a post for the longest time, and he has been putting it off.... "saving" his "inspiration" for anything that would keep me from writing about beer in the future (I believe the word he said was baby number 2)... no worries, I am fully capable of drinking beer still, and writing about it... I am just swamped with school work, not that it's an excuse.

Of course there was a bit of discussion on what Blake was going to write about... he wasn't sure, didn't know where to start and didn't like my suggestion of using Muppet Youtube videos to fill in the blank spots. I offered to come up with a couple of questions for him to answer, so you can get to know the hubs a little bit.

Question: Is it true that before I started dating you, you only liked to drink Bud Light? Would you say that I freed your mouth from bland beer forever?
Blake's Answer: It’s not that I only liked to drink bud just that it was cheap. Also that it was what was on hand for parties as most of the firefighters drink bud. No I wouldn’t say that because I still get bland beer when I'm out and being cheep.

Question: What is your favorite type of beer? Can you explain why you prefer it over other kinds of beer?
Blake's Answer: No set favorite, it’s to hard to choose one. But I will never say no to a German or Belgian beer.

Question: What is your favorite part of your wonderful wife having this blog? Hers is getting free beer...
Blake's Answer: Defiantly getting to try new beers. Hard to say it’s getting it for free since I still pay for it.

Question: Would you please explain to the readers, why you don't approve of Muppet videos on the blog? I hear that some people like them a lot....
Blake's Answer:

Question: If you were to come back in your next life as a beer ingredient what would you be? (I would be yeast, beautiful, tasty Belgian yeast)
Blake's Answer: I haven't given it any thought really. There are so many ingredients. I’ll have to think about that one.

Well there you go. That is my husband's take on blogging. Do you have any more questions for Blake? How about for me? Have any pictures you want to send me? You can email me at or find me o Facebook or Twitter.

P.S. I haven't gotten any pictures for my "contest" so if anyone sends me a picture of them holding beer before the 29th of October, the chances of you getting a Hoppy Beer Girl t-shirt are pretty good...

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