Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And finally... some BEER

Whew! What a couple of weeks! I try to do my best to not let school work and day to day work stuff interfere with my true love... beer. I have just been super busy with "grown up" stuff lately. At long last though, I have a bunch of time (hahaha) to write a good long post for you.


We had some fantastic beer at our Oktoberfest party (was it two weeks ago already?) We had Hoptoberfest from New Belgium, which I thought was really fantastic. It is very hoppy, but not bitter like some hop-erific beers can be. I would definitely bring this one to a party for people to try, but I am not sure I could handle more than one because of the hoppiness. Eric brought this one, and got a Hoppy Beer Girl Tshirt for it! YAAY!

My wonderful father brought DAB, which according to the website is “A real Dortmunder – a symbol of German brewing culture – Bright golden colour – fine bitter taste – with an elegant note of hops.” I think that sums it up perfectly! I am not terribly familiar with what a Dortmunder is, but if my German guest post taught me anything (and it did) it literally is “beer from Dortmund.” I thought that this was a good beer, Blake thought it was fantastic. It was a little bitter but crisp and clean and went fabulously well with soft pretzels.
Picture of Dortmund, Germany
This past weekend we had a surprising beer from Three Floyds, it was Munesterfest. Now normally Three Floyds makes some really strongly flavored beers, and that flavor is predominantly HOPS, which isn’t a bad thing. For that reason I left Munsterfest sitting in the fridge for a few weeks after we were given it by my ultra cool uncle, Fred. Boy was I surprised at the sweet malty deliciousness that welcomed my tastebuds to Munsterfest!! This beer was so far away from what I normally get from Three Floyds, but it was also so good, just like one would expect from Three Floyds. This is one that I will be looking for again next year!
I finally have a submission for my Beer Picture Contest!!! Great! There are three days left to send me pictures of you and your beer!! Well, here is the picture.

Jeni and Allison shotgunning Busch

Do you think you can beat that? Email me your pictures at and we will let the judges decide.
Halloween is less than a week away. Have you decided what beer you are drinking for Halloween this week? Any ghoulish suggestions for me? Is there a spooktacular beer I need to try? Let me know!!
What sort of Halloween person are you? Are you a decorator? Or is your house creepy because you don’t decorate and the kids think you are some weirdo because you aren’t into Halloween? Well I think that we can all learn something from this guy…

If you are looking for a way to annoy your neighbors may I suggest this light show set up? I thought it was cooler than the others, but I would probably kill my neighbor if they had it up.

See Blake! I CAN do a post without a Muppets Video!!

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