Thursday, October 13, 2011

So Busy!!

Things I wanted to do this week, but haven’t had time yet:
Write a good blog post, with good content
Catch up on my beer reading
Plan our beer-anniversary weekend
Watch Beer Documentaries
Prepare for 15th-fest this weekend
 Play tea party with my daughter
As you can see, writing a good blog post was at the top of my list for this week. Unfortunately, I have mid-terms Monday and Wednesday next week. As you may have figured, I prefer writing about beer to writing about Cultural Geography… because Cultural Geography isn’t nearly as fun or exciting as it sounded when I registered for the class. I feel terrible that I haven’t had the time to devote to my beer, or blogging that I would have liked the last two weeks or so, but I suppose that is the price I have to pay for trying to do it all.
We tried to have our beer night this past weekend, and by try I mean, we tried to stay up to have more than one beer each on a Friday night. We succeeded in one beer, and boy what a beer it was!
From Unibroue (in Quebec) Ephemere- Black Currant. Do you see this color?? It was gorgeous! It had a nice clean mouth feel, nothing lingering longer than you wanted. It was fruity (gasp! I like a fruit beer!) and slightly acidic, but you still can taste the hops and a little note of the yeast. This was so amazing that I was honestly sad when we finished it. If anyone is looking to bribe me with a beer, I will be adding this to the list of beers I accept in lieu of actual money.
They also have Ephemere in Apple!! I really think that I might have to try it…
What beer have you been trying?? Don’t forget to send me pictures of you and your beer. PLEASE!!
Sorry for the brief post today… but like I said, I have mid-terms and a party to get ready for…

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