Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Tuesday again...

So, I had a cortisone shot in my foot last Thursday, which threw me off my game a little bit... I got behind on homework and housework, which lead me to fall behind on my blog... I know those 2 days were just killing you with anticipation. Have no fear, I am here now.

We had several very tasty beers this weekend, but sadly I cannot post the pictures for you today. That shouldn't detract from the deliciousness that I will talk about now.

The first beer we had was Weltenburger Urtyp Hell, which my sister so nicely bought for Blake for his birthday. I thought that this had a very clean taste, with a light yeast flavor followed quickly by a bit of hops. This was clearly meant to be a session beer since the taste was so light, and so was the color (insert picture here). Blake was rather congested so he said he couldn't taste anything... I don't imagine you will have the same issue if you are not congested. I liked it a lot.

The second beer we had was Ayinger's Oktoberfest-Marzen. This was a darker, roastier looking beer, like one would hope for in an Oktoberfest beer. I was shocked at how sweet it was. Most Oktoberfest beers are sweet, and flavorful, but still remain fairly balanced in taste so you can drink a lot of them, because let's face it, that is the point of Oktoberfest. This was one that I wouldn't have been able to drink a lot of. I would like to thank my mother in law for the gift of the beer, it was a good one to try, but not one I would go seeking.

Next up, Dogfish Head's Sahtea. I have been eyeing this beer for months! Blake bought it for me a few months ago, and it has been sitting there, waiting to be opened. I finally got up the nerve to crack it open. The first thing that hit me was the smell! It smelled so good! Delicious Juniper, woodsy, Chai smells that make you want to drink the beer right away. I thought that the taste was phenomenal, you can taste every bit of juniper, rye and chai put in the beer. However, it gets sweet and overwhelming after a while. I was barely able to finish my glass of it... I thought that the attempt at improving Sahti, the traditional Finnish beer was a good attempt, but it was a little too much. Normally I love what Dogfish Head does with their "Off-centered" beers, but this one was just too sweet and overwhelming to have a lot of. If I buy it again it will be because I have company and there will be small glasses passed out. Now if I can get some traditional Sahti, that would be something to try....

In other news, has anyone seen the winners from the Great American Beer Festival in Portland?? Well I have the list right here!It is giving me a long list of beers I want to try, and also validating my choice of some favorite beers that I already have tried (and some I am hoarding). Have you had any beers that won? I would love to hear about them.

My next post will outline the upcoming contest, in which I will give away a totally awesome and original Hoppy Beer Girl t-shirt, so keep an eye out for that! Did you miss what the t-shirts look like? Check out my super sexy model!

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