Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free T-shirts anyone??

I have a theory, and much like my other theories, it exists almost exclusively in my head, but makes sense when it is unleashed on real people. The theory for today is "People will do anything for a free t-shirt" This has been documented by many companies, and demonstrated by many people, including my husband. Well I guess it's time to put at least one more person on the "will work for freebies" list!!

A while ago, I said that I ordered t-shirts for giveaways right here on this blog (not so Podunk anymore!). Well they came in last night (YAAAAAYYY!!!). So of course I had to get a model to show you all what you could win in my upcoming contest thingy.
This is the T-shirt folded on my desk. Nice, right? I like the way that the fold makes me look like I am winking at you, or have a nervous twitch. They really came out amazing! The quality is 10 times better than I had expected.

Not sure how it looks on an actual human?? Well this is Dan. Dan works with me and is a great sport about most things, including me asking him to model things for me.

Doesn't he look great in that t-shirt? Wouldn't you LOVE to make it yours?? Well maybe a not-previously-worn-by-Dan shirt can be yours! Yes, Dan is getting a shirt for being a good sport and graciously being my male-model. Next time though, I might make him walk the cat-walk.
This is the back of the shirt... Yes, I had to put my website on the back... that is sort of the point of freebies. I give it to  you, you get all excited for getting something for free and then you become my walking billboard.

So I apologize, but today I have no beer news, no beer tasting, but I have beer-blog shirt news! Maybe you aren't as super excited about these shirts as I am? Well I suppose I should appeal to your Beer nature... Here are two videos to help you get your beer entertainment fix:

This next one is a little loud, and might frighten the uptight... so look away uptight

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