Thursday, September 22, 2011

Final Push for Canfest 2011-- Send me to Reno!

Alright, this is it. The final plea for you to vote for my blog so that I can go and represent at Canfest 2011 in Reno Nevada this November. You can vote for Hoppy Beer Girl here:

So why should you vote for me? I came up with a few reasons...
1.) I checked out the competition, and they are all really great. Looks like some really creative and funny people entered, with some great established blogs. I know I am making you think you should vote for them... BUT, if you dont' vote for me, chances are that my dinky, barely off the ground blog will whither on the vine. My true beer potential never harvested for your enjoyment. All because I suffered a devastating blow to my overly inflated ego. Don't believe me about everyone being better than me? Go check them out!
2.) If I win, I can share all of my excitement and passion about beer, and history with all of Reno. I am sure they are truly lacking in people as genuinely enthusiastic as me. Heck, I could be a beer-cheerleader, if such a thing existed and didn't require skimpy clothing... on second thought... I would rather not be a cheerleader.

3.) I would totally feel like a legitimate blogger and beer drinker if I won. So much so that I would be able to convince myself and my wonderful husband to order more Hoppy Beer Girl stuff for give-aways. Which means more free stuff for you, and who doesn't like that?!?! (Answer no one)

Adorable Autumn
4.) You have seen pictures of my cute, adorable, wonderful, smart and funny daughter? She is pretty cute, right? If I win, she will get to spend the weekend with her grandparents being spoiled rotten, for a  non-stop Yo Gabba Gabba, Ice Cream for dinner, Jump on the Bed, bed-times are for losers, fun-a-palooza. Now, how could you deny such an adorable child a weekend that would be so much fun and so wonderful?? HOW COULD YOU??? (answer, you can't, so vote for me)

5.) Finally, the reason you should vote for me to go to Canfest is, I want to go so badly I can't even come up with a decent list of 5! Better vote for me now before I lose all composure!! Voting ends tomorrow (September 23rd) at 12:00 Noon Pacific Time.

Get a votin' and don't forget to tell your friends!

Oh, Man she is too cute!

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