Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tasting Beer-New Interactive Version of a Favorite

There is nothing more exciting than getting an email with someone asking for my opinion on something, well maybe if they want to give me free stuff that is pretty exciting too.

I got an email from Inkling (inkling.com), a San Francisco company that builds interactive books for iPad, iPhone, PC & Mac. Recently they worked with StoreyPublishing and Chicago Cicerone (and one of my biggest idols) Randy Mosher. They updated his book Tasting Beer to include some new and very cool features. I read the book previously in paperback, and it was pretty mind blowing. This was the first book that I ever picked up to get an idea of what to look for when trying beer.

I have to preface with stating that I personally think that Randy Mosher has a very unique (and great) sense of humor. He is one of those people who I know, if I ever got to meet, I would be awe struck. 

When Inkling asked me to check out the interactive version of the Tasting Beer, my first inclination was to jump up and down with excitement, and then I started wondering what “interactive” meant in terms of books for grownups. You see, my three year old daughter has a lot of interactive books that she LOVES. I was really hoping that I wasn’t getting a book that would bark if I tapped on a picture of a dog, though that is great for a three year old.

Let me assure you, this is WAY better than that. I can’t believe there was even a smidgen of doubt… I mean it is THE Randy Mosher, and he is at the top of my list of cool people.

So here are some of the cool features in the interactive e-version of Tasting Beer:       
  • This book has Tasting Records, so that you can actually track the beers that you have tried, and you can do within the book so that means you can use all of the helpful information that Mosher has within the book.
  • Tappable glossary definitions for names, labels, and terms (see an example)
  • Interactive images and infographics like slideshows, slidelines, and guided tours (see an example)
  • You can also link your Inkling account with social media so that you can share and compare your notes and tasting records with your friends.

Example of definitions while reading
I think my favorite part of the new interactive book is how the book is so intuitive. You don’t even have to go to the glossary to see things that you might want more information on. You are able to click on the bolded words while reading to get a definition. 

Example of Spotlighted Terms/Words
Or you can look on the side bar to see the terms that you may want more information on, the spotlighted words or terms. I have had a lot of fun rereading this book, and checking out the new features.

If you are interested in checking out this new 
interactive version of one of my favorite beer books (and you would be crazy not to be!), Inkling is having a sale on Tasting Beer in the iTunes App Store, where you can purchase it for only $1.99 (85% off) from Friday, 12/14, to Sunday, 12/16.  It is normally $12.99 for the book, so you had better take advantage of this sale.

I do have to agree with the author when he says, Do NOT start reading this book without a beer in your hand.

I am going to start checking out some of the other books that Inkling has, like Cooking for Geeks, that looks like a lot of fun.

Thank you to Inkling for giving me this opportunity, and book (yay!), and Randy Mosher, if you ever stumble across my blog, I think you are awesome, and I love your books.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Buy That Woman a Beer: Lager Lovers Turned Lady Bloggers-An Article I recommend you read

About a month ago I received an email form a gentleman asking me what I knew about the Chicago beer scene, and the bloggers who wrote about it. He was hoping to find something like A Girl's Pint Out happening around here. I told him that I wasn't really sure that there was anything happening like that, at this point in time, but I wish there was.

I referred the gentleman to one of my favorite Beer and Women advocates, Ginger Johnson, from Women Enojying Beer. Ginger is one of the most knowledgeable women I know both about the beer scene EVERYWHERE, and the role women are playing in the beer scene. I knew that he was in good hands.

About a week later, he asked me to  talk to him about my experience with blogging about beer as a woman. I agreed, and after what I felt like were some tough questions about my goals (do people really make those when they write about beer?) and my experiences, the interview was over. Short and sweet. I even provided a picture! Not a great one, but the only one I could find with me holding a beer, that had at least part of my face :)

So do me a favor, read the article. It is all about beer blogging as a woman in Chicago... and I had no idea I wasn't alone. I learned that Girls Like Beer Too is a Chicago beer blogger... maybe we should hang out sometime (though I would most likely be awe struck by her presence).

Here it is: Buy That Woman A Beer

I feel almost famous!!

Thank you to Nolan for not putting anything about my rambling about beer fueling the American Revolution... people would have thought I was crazy for sure!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beer gift Ideas... with chocolate

I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I know that I did, and I was able to enjoy a nice long 4 day weekend. December and January are always busy months for me. My anniversary is at the beginning of December (and it marks the beginning of our foray into craft beer). Usually I have finals the second week in December, this year I will be graduating once I am done with finals (YAY!!). Of course then there is all of the holiday prep, and family visits, and shopping… followed by New Years. Then there is my birthday. Lie I said, very busy time for me… but it also means time for gifts.

Last year I made a few gift wish lists for myself, hoping to make Blake’s job a little easier… this year has been a tough one for us financially, so we have agreed to not to spend money on gifts for each other for our anniversary, or Christmas (and I imagine that includes my birthday). 

I thought that I could do a service to the rest of the shoppers out there… if you are shopping for a beer lover this holiday season (or you love me so much and want to send me a gift), here are a couple of ideas:

Rich 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar (3oz)
Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Bar (3oz)
Delicious Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar (2oz)
Coconut Curry Milk Chocolate Bar (2oz)
Kona Pipeline Porter (Kona Brewing) - Pair with the 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate
Blue Star Wheat (North Coast Brewing) – Pair with the Orange Dark Chocolate
Velvet Merlin Oatmeal Stout (Firestone Walker Brewing) – Pair with the Coffee Dark Chocolate
Full Sail Pale Ale (Full Sail Brewing) – pair with the Coconut Curry Milk Chocolate 

Ghirardelli Chocolate and Beer Gift  (this would be my first pick…. If you were wondering)

This chocolate and beer gift basket includes:

A 6 pack or 12 pack of fresh and tasty Beer.
An 8oz. bag of Ghirardelli’s Classic Selection assorted squares.
A 3oz. bar of Ghirardelli’s rich Dark Chocolate.
A 3oz. bar of Ghirardelli’s creamy Milk Chocolate.
And finally, Ghirardelli's "Masterpiece Collection" - a scrumptious collection of their finest chocolates, chews and truffles

Voges Chocolate Bacon Bars and a bottle of Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout, this one looks pretty good, but pricier for less beer. Though I would like to try Rogue’s Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout.

If you are unsure about how chocolate and beer go together, I can assure you, they go well. I am not the only one who thinks so either.  Bryce Edding from About.com says:
Beer truly loves chocolate. Historic cousins and perfect partners, beer and chocolate are great companions. If you have never experienced this decadent fellowship, you are missing something special. Whether you try pairing a chocolate bar with a sweet ale or set off in search of a beer brewed with chocolate you will not be disappointed

What was that about beer brewed with chocolate? I happen to be a fan of those too… Here are two for you to check out:


And of course one of my favorites, Theobroma

Beer always makes a good gift, and so does chocolate. It should be a no brainer.

He was a wise man who invented beer.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am a day early, I know, but I wanted to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. One of the things that I am grateful for each and everyday is the people who help me with my blog, by reading it, commenting on it, recommending beer for it, helping me drink beer, or outright buying me beer for it. Becoming a beer blogger has given me a look into a world that I never knew existed before. The beer community as a whole is a great community, a group of people who support each other, and I feel very lucky to be even the tiniest bit involved with it.
I hope that you have a happy, and safe Thanksgiving.

May your day be filled with tasty things


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cooking with Beer-Beef Brisket

Well, if you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you may have noticed that one of the things that I love to do is cook, especially cook with beer. I have a difficult time finding good recipes that incorporate beer, so when I find one, or come up with one (like today) I have to share it.

So here is the recipe for the Beer beef brisket that I made this past Sunday (it was REALLY good). I do have to give credit, where credit is due, we bought the brisket form the Woodstock Farmers Market, from Willow Lea Stock Farms, and I am sure that has something to do withe the awesomeness of this meal. The farmers market has quickly become my family's favorite Saturday morning activity.

Ingredients       2 tablespoons chili powder
·         2 tablespoons salt
·         1 tablespoon garlic powder ( I was out so used 2 cloves fresh garlic)
·         1 tablespoon onion powder
·         1 tablespoon ground black pepper
·         1 tablespoon basil
·         4 good shakes of liquid smoke
·         ¼ cup sugar
·         2 teaspoons dry mustard
·         2 bay leaf, crushed
·         4 pounds beef brisket, trimmed
·         2 Beef bouillon cubes, crushed
·         1 Bottle Red Ale (I used Fixed Gear from Lakefron Brewery)
Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F.
Make a dry rub by combining chili powder, salt, garlic and onion powders, black pepper, sugar, dry mustard, basil, crushed bouillon cubes, and bay leaf. Season the raw brisket on both sides with the rub, and liquid smoke. Add beer to the roasting pan. Place in a roasting pan and roast, covered, for 3 hours.
Raise oven to 400 degrees F, uncover pan and continue cooking for 1 hour, or until fork-tender.
Trim the fat and slice meat thinly across the grain. Top with juice from the pan.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I am sure you all remember Matt from earlier guest posts... well I got him to write another guest post for me, because I am completely lost with this move.
So, enjoy!
I recently went up to Milwaukee for a little vacation. In between gorging on gigantic portions of ludicrously heavy German food, getting scolded at the Art Museum, and experiencing rush hour in downtown Milwaukee (all four cars), we took a tour of Lakefront Brewery.

As we walked up, a young couple asked us to take their photo in front of the brewery, to which the young woman laughed, “This is going in our engagement album.” “It’s so romantic,” the young man said. “Can you make sure you get the sign in the photo, too?” Man, I love these two! They turned and walked inside with us. I don’t remember seeing them after that.

On to the beer. For $7 you get a tour of the brewery, smart-ass, snarky comments and at times faux sexual innuendos/beer brewing terms from the tour guide, four 6 oz. samples of beer, and a commemorative Lakefront Brewery pint glass. I wonder where that couple went? Anyways, we start the tour, and there’s only 5 of us (the smallest group of the day). 

The previous tour had about 14 people. We were brought into a room where the Brewery Navigation Specialist (here’s his photo…it’s blurry to simulate that you’ve been drinking) explained the history of Lakefront Brewery, how beer is made, facts about beer, what’s in it, and several other things I completely forgot because I kept wondering where the hell those two went? There was nowhere else for them to go! Anyways, then he brought us out into the brewing area with the following warning, “Just because we’re in a brewery does not mean that any liquid on the floor is beer.” Noted.

He then explained the entire beer making process, showed us some hops, barley, where they keep their supplies, the vats they use to make their beer, how long it takes, how many barrels they make per year, and lots of other things which I can’t recall. Where the hell did those two go? Seriously? I’m getting concerned. Anyways, we play a quick game of “Stump the Tour Guide” for an extra beer sample, and we fail. Maybe they went into the bottling area? But how could they get down there? Anyways, he explains more about the beer shipping process using brewing terms that once again, are euphemisms for bedroom-related activities (I think the same person who came up with “ballcock” for the toilet then went into beer brewing). I would love to recall all the knowledge I gained, but I can’t. Did they leave right away? We walked back upstairs to the main bar area to finish off the rest of our beer samples.

We tried the Wisconsonsite Summer Weiss (our favorite…it wasn’t overpoweringly spicy, it had just the right amount of spice), Fixed Gear, Pumpkin Lager (awesome tasting, but I can’t imagine downing a six-pack), and another one which I can’t recall. Helpful, aren’t I? We also received an extra serving of the pumpkin lager because they were going to toss the rest of the pitcher out in back in the garbage. Dammit, where are they? Did they go out back?

So if you find yourself in Milwaukee and want to have a good time and learn about all the stuff I easily forgot about, Lakefront Brewery is great! The Fixed Gear and Wisconsonite Summer Weiss are fantastic! While you’re there, maybe you can check up on where those two ran off to. Seriously. I don’t know.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Not a beer related post...

I apologize for taking a moment to talk about something that is of not-beer-related importance.

Last night, my daughter who is now three and fully under the influence of the Disney Princesses said something that made me so proud. She told me that she doesn't want to be a princess, she wants to be a doctor. She has always liked to pretend she is a doctor, and we always encourage her with whatever she is doing. I have been hearing for the past few months, how much she wants to be a princess when she grows up. I have tried to explain the marriage pool for becoming a princess is pretty slim, and she should set her sights on something a little more realistic.

Of course she is three, and her career aspirations are going to change as she grows up. I am just so happy that she has decided that "princess" might not be the best career goal... of course it will probably change when we get home tonight.

I think that we might have to make some beer tonight to show her science in action! What better way to secure her interest in science than explaining to her the fermentation process?

Any of you beer parents out there have any ideas?

On another note, we are moving the next two weeks, so I will hopefully have some beer stuff for you soon. as I need to move my beer fridge and it's contents to the new place, I am really afraid my beer might break.
Any suggestions on how to pack my beer?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Oktoberfest Giveaway!!

I know I have mentioned that my life has been very hectic lately... VERY. So I haven't had a chance to do any fun beer stuff. I am in the middle of packing, working, doing school, and being a mom... I feel guilty, very guilty, because I haven't been spending the amount of time I would like to on my blog, or beer.

I think that I might have a temporary solution for this blog-guilt though. I was contacted by promosonline.com and they are helping me do a giveaway! That's right, I have stuff to give away to you, my friends! How fun is that?!

What you may ask, am I giving away? The answer, a set of 10 assorted plastic beer mugs. Beer mugs that could look like this: 
You will most likely NOT be receiving this particular mug

Think of all the fun you could have with 10 free mugs!! You could have 9 friends over for an Oktoberfest party... or 4 friends if you want to have a drink in each hand.

What you need to do to win is send me a picture of you doing your favorite Oktoberfest activity.You could be doing anything, like participating in traditional Oktoberfest contests such as the Keg Barrel Race, the Beer Stein Hold, the Beer Stein Pour and Carry, the Beer Chug and the Bratwurst Eating Contest.
You can email me at sarah@hoppybeergirl.com, or you can send them to me on Facebook. You of course would need to be a fan of Hoppy Beer Girl on Facebok for that... you can like the page here: http://www.facebook.com/hoppybeergirl

I will share the best stories in a few weeks to help celebrate the actual start of Oktoberfest (September 22 if you don't know). Send me pictures, send me stories of beer and food, send me whatever you've got (as long as it is PG-13). The best entry will get the plastic beer mugs.

Good luck!! Prost!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bridgeport Brewing, Birthday Parties, Kitten Pictures, and General Catch-up (NOT Catsup)

I know that i owe like 6 weeks of bloginess (yes that is a word)... But I have been pretty spastic about everything that is going on in my life these days. Have no fear though, I do have some beer words for you today.

About three weeks ago (wow really??) We had a nice evening in, movie, and beer. It would have been perfect had it not been for the movie... but since this is not a blog about reviewing movies, all I will say is, if you are portraying a Scandinavian god, shouldn't you have an accent? I don't mean a SoCal accent either...You know who you are (I am pointing at you Thor, you know that isn't the only historical inaccuracy).

So with that; on to the beer!

I finally was able to open Strumptown Tart Belgian style Ale from Bridgeport Brewing. This is a seasonal beer (so sorry peeps, you have to wait until next summer to find it) brewed with strawberries, raspberries, and another sort of berry I never heard of. This beer is a beautiful strawberry color, which wasn't surprising. There is A LOT of fizz when you first pour, but it disperses quickly, more like a malt beverage than a traditional beer. The smell is very fruity (as you would expect). This isn't a sweet beer like you may be expecting, and despite the name, the taste isn't overly tart. You get the flavor of the berries, but not a lingering taste. It is a very crisp beer, and balanced. The fruits and tartness do not compete with the hops for you attention, they are the star of the show here. I thought that this was a real nice fruit beer, and I am glad that I save a bottle of it.

This is where I wrote a note to myself saying, "Tell everyone to try Goldfish crackers to cleanse your palette". I won't lie... I had a few before I thought to start taking notes...

The next beer we had was Summer Squeeze, also from Bridgeport Brewing. This is also a seasonal beer. It is light, bubbly, and refreshing, or everything you want on a hot summer day. It smells just like lemonade, which made me think it would be a sweeter beer, or taste exactly like Summer Shandy. It wasn't. This was definitely less sweet, more tart than you would expect, and overall a pleasantly different summer ale.
The final beer we had on this fun evening was Sam Adams' New World. This beer is one that I have been holding onto for a while.New World smells divine. It has a nice spicy flavor with strong cardamon and orange flavors, but stays well balanced with the yeast flavor that keeps this a nice Belgian style beer. Light, crisp, and fruity, with a wonderful mouth feel, with a taste that goes on for a few minutes, changing to different flavor notes. This was a complex but delicious beer.

This is where my notes get a little confusing... there is a picture of a snow man and a brief paragraph about "frozen yogurt people" and Norse mythology. I think it is a good time to move on ...

On another night, a few weeks ago (man I am behind), Blake and I went to our local outdoor theater to see Dark Knight Rises. It was a fun date night, and the best part about our outdoor theater is, you can bring in beer (if you are over 21). I packed a six pack with a variety of beers for us to try, but I got attacked by mosquitoes and only had one beer. So, without further ado, Kingpin from Bridgeport Brewing. This is a double red ale that is brewed year-round. This beer has a very strong hops flavor, which competes with and almost overpowers the malt flavor. But this being a double red ale, the Rye reigns supreme. This beer really opens up as it warms up. While I had it with popcorn, I imagine that it would be the perfect accompaniment to a good hand-made burger. I think I will be exploring this theory...

Boy that seems like a lot of beer stuff... I also got a new kitten, named Atticus... he matches my couch as you can see.

 My wonderful grandfather turned 83 years old! We had such a great time hanging out for his birthday. I am really lucky to have such a cool grandfather... must be where my daughter gets it from
 And last, but certainly not least, my sweet, wonderful husband turned the big 3-0. Here is a picture of his birthday present... yes it's a mostly empty bottle of Maker's Mark. Story behind that at a later date, I promise.

I wish that I could promise lots of more concise or even frequent posts, but we are moving (AHHH) and school starts on Monday. This summer has really gone by too fast for me. Please think of me slaving away packing boxes and cleaning while you enjoy the last days of summer and a few cold ones...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I love beer lists

With my beloved husband's birthday just around the corner, and so many people putting together to-do lists for the return to school in the fall. I felt compelled to come up with a list of my own.

What sort of list should I make? A list of my favorite beers? Nah, already tried that.

What about a list of things to do before I turn thirty? Well that would be touch as I only have 2 years to get that done, and poor Blake can't participate in another two weeks.

A list of places I would like to visit? That list could be never ending, like my list of things I want to share with my daughter.

I think I have figured it out! The Thirty Beers I Need to Try.

Now, for some help... I have a few in mind, but I think that since I am still a novice in the beer world some assistance is needed. What beers do you think I HAVE to try? Send me your ideas, leave me comments on what you think I need to drink, that I haven't already tried. Once I have my MUST HAVE list complied, I will share.

PS. I am terribly indecisive about almost everything, so if I need help deciding between a few, I will ask you to be my tie breakers.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chick Beer? Really?

Have you seen this? Chick Beer. I saw it while I was out shopping the other day. It stopped me in my tracks. I thought it was a joke. What is wrong with drinking regular craft beer? Why do women need a beer of their own? I haven't tried it so I can't say I don't like it... but this name and marketing might turn me off from trying it. I don't call myself a chick (beergirl, yes), and I am not drawn to pink things. I can see how the pink six pack will stick out on the shelves of liquor stores.

What are your thoughts on it? Have any of you tried it? Am I being overly sensitive?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Russian Imperial Ale and Headless Man Alt

I had a really nice treat this past weekend. I got to hang out with my friend Amy (yes, the one from previous posts, sorry guys, she is taken) while drinking some beers. It wasn’t something that we had planned, but none-the-less, it was a nice treat.

I made her watch From Russia with Love with me, while I drank an Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. I don’t need to go over how much I love James Bond films; I think we already know that I love 007.  What I can also say is that I now love North Coast Brewing’s Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. I have had several beers from North Coast brewing, and each time I think that this one is the best beer I have had from them. Time and time again their versatility amazes me. The Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout is everything that you look for in a stout, it is dark and caramelly, without any burnt malt flavors. There is a milky, creamy texture that coats your mouth, and it is just sweet enough. This is a stout that I will recommend to everyone, not just people who love stouts.  The best part (to me anyways) is that it was light and didn’t fill you up, and on a hot summer evening, that is what you want.
How could you NOT love Sean Connery!?

I also had Tyranena Brewing Company’s Headless Man Amber alt. This was a beer that I had been looking forward to trying for some time. It was a clean and mellow beer, with a great color. I love the story on it. I do have to say that it was difficult to have this after the Old Rasputin stout, and that I should have known. I am hoping that I can get out to Tyranena Brewing Company soon, they are only about an hour and a half away from my house, and since I live in the middle of nowhere that is pretty close! If you can find this one, you should try it.

On another note, Blake’s birthday is coming up. He will be turning 30. I want to get him something that he will use, and something that he will enjoy. I have been looking all over for ideas. I would love to hear what suggestions you have (hint hint). I was thinking I could make him something like this:
Beer Can Birthday Cake

But I also was sent this awesome video for Beer Bottle Opener Sunglasses

I think that Blake would like these, and I would never have to ask him where the bottle opener was again… You can order them here
PS, My favorite part in the video is when David Hasselhoff is drinking his beer. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Got a Beer Present!!

I received a present in the mail last night... I have had a rough two weeks, and this was just what I needed to make my day!!! Take a look at what I got (and stay tuned for reviews on the beers)


Stumptown Tart

Bad picture, but this is Bridgeport's Summer Squeeze
This is how I spent my Saturday night..

I hope you all enjoyed looking at my present as much as I did 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nothing in particular

I don't really have much today. I just want to say that I am excited to be getting some new beer from Bridgeport Brewing in Portland. I have only been able to find Hop Czar by me, which is a fantastic knock-your-socks-off IPA, and the Bridgeport IPA, which is also very good. You should find them, and enjoy them. You will probably be able to write a better review than I can, since I am not very technical with beer terms, but I liked them and so will you. I can't wait to try other beers from Bridgeport.

If you want any beers that I can get by me, I would be open to a beer swap... let me know people of the blog audience.

In other equally exciting news, my sister graduated from DePaul!! WOO!!!

And I really don't have anything else right now. Stay tuned for a much more exciting blog post in the next few days... really, it will be, I promise

Monday, May 28, 2012


Saturday was Illiana Mayfest at the Lake County Fairgrounds, in Crown Point Indiana. I had been looking forward to this for over a year. My grandfather lives in Crown Point, and I wanted to go last year, but we had somethings come up and were not able to go. If you want to read about last year's Mayfest, you should really check out Hoosier Beer Geeks post.

I can't say that it was perfect weather for a beer fest in an old building with no air conditioning, but it was really a great time. We arrived early so we were able to drive around the square, and check out the fairgrounds a bit. Every time I see the courthouse, I think about all the stories about John Dillinger and his escape from the Crown Point jail. It really is a beautiful building.

Old Lake County Courthouse
The fairgrounds has a lake in it

Water Lilies
Every building on the fairgrounds has it's own unique features, but they are all early 20th century in style, and I couldn't get enough pictures.

Industrial Building

Fine Arts Building. I love those windows

Another picture of the windows

Back of the Fine Arts Building

The Grandstand overlooking the lake

I had never been in an all wood grandstand. All the grandstands, and all the bleachers I have ever been in have been metal. This was such a  cool old-school wooden grandstand, and a great place to hide from the sun on a 90 degree day while we waited for the beer fest to open.

Blake chilling in the grandstands 

Looking right in the grandstand

Exposed wood ceiling in the grandstand

The line for getting into Mayfest wasn't too bad when we got in line, with about 15 minutes to go, but as soon as we got in line, there were 200 people behind us. At least there were people handing out cool water to keep everyone hydrated. Did I mention it was like 90 degrees out?

Industrial Building, where Illiana Mayfest is held

Industrial building as we walked in

Watermelon Wheat
This Watermelon beer smelled fruity and beer-y, and I think it would have made the perfect perfume! It was nice and refreshing on such a hot day.

Rock Bottom's Baltic Porter
This Baltic Porter was really light and smooth. It reminded me of an iced coffee, nice and creamy, and delicious, but not too heavy. I asked the guy who was serving about the Baltic Porter style, becasue I am not familiar with it. He told me that it is a mix of an English style porter and an ale so that it is a little more acidic, but smoother and lighter than a regular porter. I will be trying to find this one to buy for my stash.

This is the shirt we want to buy my father-in-law, who is renown for his ugly  interesting Hawaiian shirts

Bulldog's Brewing Sugar Brown Maple IPA
This was a very interesting beer, because, well I don't like IPA's very much after I had my surgery.  This IPA was sweet enough that it cut the harsh bitterness from the hops. It looks like this was a special batch, because I can't find it on the website, but I will keep looking, because this was really outstanding. I will be trying other brews from Bulldog's after this, no doubt about that.

Blake in the back of the Industrial building taking a break

Blake enjoying the break, and a Vanilla Bourbon beer.
(I think this is a record for the amount of pictures of my husband I have ever gotten in one day)
There were so many good beers that we got to try, and so many missed opportunities for taking pictures of them because I was too busy drinking them. We got to talk to lots of nice people, including the guys at the Beer Geeks table. Blake even bought me a shirt from Crown Brewing (the brewery that graciously set up the event). We may have hung out at Crown Brewing's table for a few minutes so we could sample more of their awesome beers, I loved the Dee-rALE-er, and Blake had AlkoholikA, both of which I will be trying to bring home a growler of next time we are in Hoosier-ville.

Heading home into the sunset.

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