Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tasting Beer-New Interactive Version of a Favorite

There is nothing more exciting than getting an email with someone asking for my opinion on something, well maybe if they want to give me free stuff that is pretty exciting too.

I got an email from Inkling (inkling.com), a San Francisco company that builds interactive books for iPad, iPhone, PC & Mac. Recently they worked with StoreyPublishing and Chicago Cicerone (and one of my biggest idols) Randy Mosher. They updated his book Tasting Beer to include some new and very cool features. I read the book previously in paperback, and it was pretty mind blowing. This was the first book that I ever picked up to get an idea of what to look for when trying beer.

I have to preface with stating that I personally think that Randy Mosher has a very unique (and great) sense of humor. He is one of those people who I know, if I ever got to meet, I would be awe struck. 

When Inkling asked me to check out the interactive version of the Tasting Beer, my first inclination was to jump up and down with excitement, and then I started wondering what “interactive” meant in terms of books for grownups. You see, my three year old daughter has a lot of interactive books that she LOVES. I was really hoping that I wasn’t getting a book that would bark if I tapped on a picture of a dog, though that is great for a three year old.

Let me assure you, this is WAY better than that. I can’t believe there was even a smidgen of doubt… I mean it is THE Randy Mosher, and he is at the top of my list of cool people.

So here are some of the cool features in the interactive e-version of Tasting Beer:       
  • This book has Tasting Records, so that you can actually track the beers that you have tried, and you can do within the book so that means you can use all of the helpful information that Mosher has within the book.
  • Tappable glossary definitions for names, labels, and terms (see an example)
  • Interactive images and infographics like slideshows, slidelines, and guided tours (see an example)
  • You can also link your Inkling account with social media so that you can share and compare your notes and tasting records with your friends.

Example of definitions while reading
I think my favorite part of the new interactive book is how the book is so intuitive. You don’t even have to go to the glossary to see things that you might want more information on. You are able to click on the bolded words while reading to get a definition. 

Example of Spotlighted Terms/Words
Or you can look on the side bar to see the terms that you may want more information on, the spotlighted words or terms. I have had a lot of fun rereading this book, and checking out the new features.

If you are interested in checking out this new 
interactive version of one of my favorite beer books (and you would be crazy not to be!), Inkling is having a sale on Tasting Beer in the iTunes App Store, where you can purchase it for only $1.99 (85% off) from Friday, 12/14, to Sunday, 12/16.  It is normally $12.99 for the book, so you had better take advantage of this sale.

I do have to agree with the author when he says, Do NOT start reading this book without a beer in your hand.

I am going to start checking out some of the other books that Inkling has, like Cooking for Geeks, that looks like a lot of fun.

Thank you to Inkling for giving me this opportunity, and book (yay!), and Randy Mosher, if you ever stumble across my blog, I think you are awesome, and I love your books.

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  1. Guess I will need to get this book! Sounds great!! Thanks Hoppy Girl :)


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