Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chick Beer? Really?

Have you seen this? Chick Beer. I saw it while I was out shopping the other day. It stopped me in my tracks. I thought it was a joke. What is wrong with drinking regular craft beer? Why do women need a beer of their own? I haven't tried it so I can't say I don't like it... but this name and marketing might turn me off from trying it. I don't call myself a chick (beergirl, yes), and I am not drawn to pink things. I can see how the pink six pack will stick out on the shelves of liquor stores.

What are your thoughts on it? Have any of you tried it? Am I being overly sensitive?


  1. It's pretty stereotyped. However, nothing makes me wanna drink beer like MS Curlz font!

    The only other beer that was marketed specifically at women was one by Coors called Animee, which caught a lot of press almost a year ago. While we can be mad at "Chick" beer for what some would call a derogatory name, it's not as easy to get mad at Animee. Coors put a LOT of research behind Animee and brewed a beer from the answers (http://michiganmugsandmeals.wordpress.com/tag/animee/)

    "Is another alco-pop really the answer to wooing women over to beer?" the article asks? I say no. Women can appreciate a good craft beer as much as any man. Maybe even moreso, according to recent studies regarding womens' higher sensory perceptions than that of men. However, their highly funded research flies in my face.

    This "beer" has tacky bachelorette party written all over it. Read the article at the link I posted above. It's damn good and ends quite poignantly.

  2. I couldn't agree more with you, or the article. Thank you for sharing with me. My favorite part of the article is, "The focus should be on integrating women, not singling them out."
    I am fairly certain that Chick Beer wouldn't appeal to any of my female friends. I am almost tempted to buy a six pack to have my friends try it, and then compare it to other craft beers. I am just worried that by purchasing Chick Beer I will be contributing to it's growth...
    Do these marketers, and brewers not realize that women have as much diversity in their tastes as men do? A beer that will appeal to all women is as ludicrous as a beer that will appeal to all men. I have friends who LOVE IPA's and others, myself included, who prefer a Belgian style beer. I say make beer like you want to make beer.

  3. What I would say is that you are a self-absorbed elitist beer snob. While this beer might not be what you like, I doubt that its makers created it for you. The fact is that 95% of beer drinkers DO NOT drink craft beer. A large majority of women drink not craft beer, but LIGHT BEER. I'm sure that you are aghast that the ignorant masses care whether their beer has 500 calories or not, but the fact is the many people do. God, I hate people who can't just be happy making their own decisions on critical life matters such as what beer they drink, but who also must try to dictate what everyone else drinks as well. If you like craft beer, it sounds like you could use one (or seven). Lighten up!

  4. Thank you "Anonymous" for your thoughts on the matter. Clearly you feel very strongly about this beer, and I am sorry that you didn't read my post, but felt the need to attack me. I stated that I find the name, and approach to marketing offensive. I never said that I didn't like the beer, and even stated that I hadn't tried it so I wouldn't say that.
    Clearly you also haven't read many beer blogs either, because as far as elitest beer snobs go, I m far from one. I would like very much to see the data that you have stating that 95% of people don't drink craft beer. The information that I have been reading states that craft beer is the fastest growing market in America, with more people every day drinking craft beer.
    As for me being judgmental (look in the mirror much?) I have no problem with non-craft beer, which you would have seen if you had bothered to explore my blog at any length. I love beer. It doesn't have to be expensive, it doesn't have to be a craft beer, it doesn't have to be an import.
    I hope that you take your own advice, and lighten up.


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