Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Canfest, No worries!

Well, you may know by now (or not) I didn't win the trip to Canfest 2011. But that is okay, because "there is always next year" and I "just started blogging". The most important part, to me anyways, was that I didn't come in dead last. So thank you very very much to everyone who voted, and a special shout-out to Kate for voting on all the computers in her library. So who won? Sean from Beer Search Party won. Best of luck to Sean, hope you have fun in Reno... 

What we need to cheer us up is a video (I will refrain from more Swedish Chef for now)

I am not entirely sure what the point of this is, but if he was drinking a beer while doing it I would be that much more impressed.

What else is going on??? A good friend of mine has graciously agreed to help make my website a bit cooler!! YAAY! If you have suggestions, or feel like harassing him, you can welcome him to the Hoppy Beer Girl world by emailing him at Matt@hoppybeergirl.com

Have you heard of Women Enjoying Beer? Well you will be excited to know (maybe not as excited as I am) that I will be hosting one of their focus groups in November. I am very excited about this!!

Beers! Well, we had several tasty beers this past weekend. The first and most impressive beer that we had was Dreadnaught from Three Floyd's. This was not as overly hoppy as I thought it would be, or maybe my tastes are changing. Either way, I thought that this was a fantastic IPA, and have to thank (profusely) my uncle Fred for giving me this fantastic beer gift!

A little less exotic and local, Blake bought me a 12 pack of Sam Adams Harvest pack. That includes, Oktoberfest, Boston Lager, Bonfire Rauchbier and Pumpkin Ale. I was trying my hardest to not have one of each in one sitting, but I was able to try the Bonfire Rauchbier and Oktoberfest.I thought that the Oktoberfest was a nice clean session beer, as one would hope and expect for an Oktoberfest beer. The Bonfire Rauchbier was quite flavorful and nicely roasted. I thought that it had a taste like fall... How cliche, I know. But it was warm and earthy and tasty. 

Have I mentioned that I love fall beers? I am looking forward to trying more seasonal beers. If you have any suggestions, questions or just want to tell me that I am not the worst blog out there, send me an email! sarah@hoppybeergirl.com

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