Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday (BONUS) Beer post!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Oh how nice it is to have a 3 day weekend ahead of us (unless you don't then just ignore this post).
So many of the blogs I follow do fun Friday posts filled with other websites with funny stuff related or not related to the subject of their blog. Clearly that idea didn't occur to me... probably because my free time (aka not beer time, work time or mom time) is devoted to school work so the thought of MORE aimless searching on the Internet just wasn't appealing. However, I found something that I had to steal today!

I am not trying to offend anyone who is politely following my BEER blog but is in fact interested in snooty wine tasting (Thanks Rachel, you're the best). It was just TOO funny to not post... because this is in some small way why many of us want to be beer people. I am not saying I don't like wine, hey I actually won tickets to a wine tasting at an honest-to-God-winery.

Wine can be a nice alternative if you want a beer break, and beer people and wine people can live harmoniously together (unlike lions and water buffalo). The proof is apparent at places like Bliss Wine and Gifts in Wauconda. I know I have already said that I love this place for the beer tastings... but last night I actually checked out the extensive wine selection. This is absolutely a place where you can go with your wine friends and both be happy (Hey Rachel, we need to go together soon). I will have a full write up of the beer tasting from last night at Bliss this weekend.

Other fun stuff that was easy for me to find to share... Did you know that people get BEER tattoos? I suppose it makes sense, but until I read this article from it hadn't occurred to me. Do you know anyone with a beer tattoo? Now I am considering getting a beer tattoo...

Okay, another funny video! I know you have all seen it, but it still makes me laugh.
Have a great Friday!!!

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