Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oktoberfestin' it up! Soon anyways...

It is August 31st, and while that means labor day is right around the corner, I am, along with many other beer fanatics, looking forward to the beer extravaganza that is Oktoberfest. I haven't ever actually been to Germany or the real Oktoberfest, but I think I understand the concept enough to write a little about it. A two hundred year old two-week long celebration in Munich characterized by the copious amounts of beer consumed. The festival developed after a royal wedding boosted the local economy and encouraged a festival the following year with more attractions, and so on and so forth. For more on the history of Oktoberfest, check out the "official" Oktoberfest History website.

For those of us living in another country, without the means or opportunity to travel to Munich for the real thing, there are many other pseudo-Oktoberfests for us to enjoy, be it a small outdoor beer garden set up with a oompa band hosted by a local club or church, or something on a grander scale like this Okctoberfest in LaCrosse Wisconsin, there are plenty of ways to get your fest-on. I will be doing several Oktoberfest posts during the next couple of weeks, so look forward to fun stuff, like what the rules are on what beers are allowed to be served at Oktoberfest.

Pumpkin Ale for two

Another thing that I am super excited about that is starting to come out it, Pumpkin Ale! You may be with  me on this, or you may think it is one of the most disgusting things you have ever tasted (sorry Justin). I have a mild addiction to pumpkin pie... so I thought I would either absolutely LOVE or absolutely HATE pumpkin ale, and given my uneasiness with many "fruit" beers I thought it would be the latter... Boy was I surprised when I tasted Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale! It tasted like a nice, hoppy fall beer, but then suddenly,hit you with a mild pumpkin pie taste... I am now hooked! I cannot wait to try other pumpkin ales.

Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale
According to Beer Advocate, there are plenty of options this fall for you Pumpkin Ale tastings. I know that some of these beers are only released in a limited quantity, so you had better buy yours quickly!

It may seem like I am a little excited for the beginning of fall, and you would be right. I love the season so much I even named my daughter after it! I love the beer, Halloween, school starting, the harvest celebrations, the colors, the smells, the chilly weather that begs for warm cider or a hoppy cold beer.
My daughter Autumn

I have a request to make to you, send me your favorite end of summer beer. Not literally, though I wouldn't say no... email me your favorite summer beer so that I can try it before I throw myself 110% into fall and all the things I love about it. Email me your beer suggestions at I will also accept pictures of you with your favorite summer brew for my reader photo gallery. Lets say good-bye to summer in a grand fashion!

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