Monday, August 15, 2011

I swear! I am not trying to forget!

I will admit, I have been very lazy lately with my posting... and you know what, it's something that  happened because we had a very sick little girl two weeks in a row, which made me very tired, and not very motivated.
So, looks like you have two more days to send me your answers to the Wednesday quiz that I did (was it two weeks ago?) Don't forget to email me your answers... cause I am not telepathic no matter how much I try.
We had a beer tasting LAST weekend, and I never had the time or the energy to write it up. Let me give you an idea of what I wanted to say in it. Three beers... only one we drank. Blake and I decided that we don't like cherry ales, at all, and there happened to be two in our fridge, both of which got dumped. Though, as the saying goes, third time is a charm. We cracked open a bottle of Three Floyd's Apocalypse Cow.

As you may or may not recall, Blake and I are not huge fans of IPA's, much less DOUBLE IPA's, so I was not sure that this was going to be spared the same fate as the two cherry ales had. Apocalypse Cow turned out to be one of the best IPA's I have ever tasted, as you can see on Beer Advocate. Normally I feel like my mouth has been physically assaulted by these IPA's, like the brewers goal is to make you want to pucker your mouth and spit it out... Apocalypse Cow has a very strong hoppy flavor as you would expect for a Double IPA, but it is well balanced and has a great mouth feel. I will admit, I can't see myself drinking more than the one glass, but I really enjoyed my one glass. Thank you Uncle Fred for the Apocalypse Cow :)

In other news... I have found out that my favorite brewery is releasing a new beer in the near future, and I am naturally, very excited for it. Ommegang Brewery Announced the Release of Aphrodite Ale just made my day!!! For those of you who haven't had Ommegang's Biere de Mars, or heard me gush about it, you cannot begin to fathom my anticipation. If anyone is hoping to butter me up with gifts, I would LOVE a bottle of this. I have not seen it (yet) at my local liquor stores.

Have you checked out the Facebook profile I have yet? I have a photo gallery that has pictures of beer that I have had, and also a photo gallery of beer that other people have sent in. You NEED to check it out! And while you are there, click the Like button and Like me!

Did you know that there are some major beer festivals going on right now? Here is a neat article about some lucky Bloggers who got to go to one of the biggest beer fests. Maybe next year, right?

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