Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beer, Beer, Beer

The Goods (on a messy counter)
As you may be aware of by now... I love beer.  I only have the opportunity to drink beer once a week, maybe twice if I am really lucky, which is probably why I get so excited about what beer we are going to try each week.
This week my super cool sister came up to hang out with us. Okay, she came up to visit and go to the Bristol Renaissance Faire with us. Blake took her to the liquor store and they came back with some tasty beverages for us to consume while watching Arthur.
Pouring of the Stout
So what did they get? Dogfish Head's Namaste, New Belgium's Biere De Mars, from the Lips of Faith collection and Southern Tier's Creme Brulee Stout
What did we think?

Southern Tier's Crème Brulee Stout- scratch and sniff? Smells so good! I mean, seriously, this smelled JUST like Creme Brulee!  Strong knock you on your butt up front taste, good mouth feel, smooth and delicious sort of sweet finish. It was an interesting choice for a stout, but still really good. Not your average stout for sure!

Creme Brulee Stout

New Belgium's Biere De Mars (Lips of Faith) was a crisp beer, not as melodic tasting as the Ommegang brew of the same name, but still a delicious beer with a strong yeast profile and a clear hop note. Also a slight banana after taste. This beer is supposed to celebrate the flavors of Spring, and it does. This is one that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Dogfish Head's Namaste  every time that I have this beer it strikes me with it's clean flavors and balance. Brewed with coriander and lemongrass this beer could have been overwhelming, but remains perfect. Cleanses your palate after each sip, a nice refreshing beer. If you see it, you should get one for yourself!

Well Autumn also had her first beer this weekend (WHAT?!?!) No, root beer silly! Actually Sarsaparilla.... She thought it was delicious!  
Sarsaparilla, YUM!

Wait, how did this picture get here??? Is that my sister shooting a bow and arrow??? What is wrong with the chick int he background? Is this too random?
Christie Showing off her Archery skills

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