Monday, August 29, 2011

Canfest 2011

Happy Monday! The first matter of business this week, I actually am submitting my blog (and therefore myself) to win a trip to Canfest in Reno Nevada. I have never done this sort of thing, and admittedly I am not the best writer in the world. I think that the closest I have ever come to winning anything for writing was in 1st grade when our class compiled a book of short stories, and my story was the third one in the book... it occurs to me that it might have been done in alphabetical order since my last name used to start with B-A...

So, Canfest is a celebration of craft beer in cans (in cans you say!?), Yes, in cans. There are many reasons why beer should be canned, rather than bottled. You can shake your head at me all you want, but the science of beer makes it true. We have all seen the Samuel Adams commercial about preserving your beer, if not, here it is.
If you understand the concept that is explained here, which is light and air contaminate your beer, change the flavor of the beer, and shorten the life of the beer. These things can make "skunky" beer that isn't even good enough to give to your unwanted guests who have the taste buds of a dung beetle... This is why more breweries use brown glass, to keep your beer tasting better than it would in clear or green glass. So based on this concept, having zero light enter your beer between brewing and consumption is the best way to have the best tasting beer, enter the can.

If cans are better for beer, why do the majority of craft breweries use bottles? Wouldn't it be best to switch to cans? Putting beer in cans is difficult, so much pressure, and a special lining had to be created in order to stop the metal from the can from contaminating the beer. In 1935, the first beer can was released.

Beer in cans are starting to make a come-back in the United States, as Canfest will attest. There is also a thriving collectors market for old beer cans. This website has some incredibly interesting old beer cans if you have time to check it out. If craft beer is the emerging trend in beer and alcoholic beverages, than craft beer in cans is the sub-craft beer culture... sort of like the New York Dolls were to Punk, the really cool band that didn't reach the same notoriety and popularity of the Ramones...That is probably the worst analogy ever by the way.

So, how does this competition work? Well Canfest and Mutineer Magazine will be accepting established beer blogs, then posting them on their websites for voting after September 15th... which means sometime around September 16th, I will start asking you to go and vote for me! If you want to read more on the competition, check it out here.

Later this week, Preparing for Fall Beers, Pumpkin Ale and sharing my enthusiasm for all things Ocktoberfest.

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