Saturday, September 17, 2011

What do Muppets have to do with Oktoberfest?

Well, Actually, nothing. I just found an amazing clip of the Swedish chef making pumpkin pie which reminded me of Oktoberfest... not that pumpkin pie is Oktoberfest-y, but you get the idea. Besides, who doesn't love the Swedish chef? If the answer is you, then I am not sure we can continue this imagined friendly relationship...( just joking! Please don't stop reading my blog!).
Do you know what DOES have to do with Oktoberfest? Beer (now get ready for an awesome segue and not the motorized kind, that is a Segway). I may have mentioned that I recently fell in love with Pumpkin Ale. I happened to pick up a can of Wild Onion's Pumpkin Ale, and it was surprisingly different from Wild Bill's Pumpkin Ale... I should say that I was surprised at the difference in tastes. Where Wild Bill's pumpkin Ale brought to mind all the tastes of fall and reminded me of pumpkin pie, The Wild Onion's Pumpkin Ale was a little cleaner, not as spiced as Wild Bill's, but still a very good beer to try. They are a local brewery, so if you are in Northern Illinois you should check them out!

As I mentioned in my last post (yesterday) I have been sick this week, so I wasn't able to keep my normal two post regimen on top of having to catch up with school work and work-work. However, we did go out this past Saturday, to see my cousin's awesome band play at the US Beer Company on Clybourn in Chicago. I should mention that we left before They All Have Legs went on because I wasn't feeling well... maybe they will forgive me if I do a shout-out on my blog.

Daisy Cutter beer-Da Bomb
So what did I drink at a bar named "U.S. Beer Company"? Not much, but I managed to get two beers and a pepperoni stick in before we left (yes, I am so in the mom-mindset everywhere we go I bring snacks). The First beer I had was Half Acre's Daisy Cutter, which was a very nice pale ale. I thought that it was a pretty strong hops taste up front but mellowed out as you drank it (went great with my pepperoni stick). One of my favorite parts of the beer was when Greg (the most awesome drummer in the world) gave me a history lesson on why Half Acre named the rather strong beer "Daisy Cutter"(I thought it was a lawn mower reference). So now I shall share with you... Daisy cutter is the nickname for the BLU-82 bombs. These bombs are the largest conventional bombs used by the US Military, so Greg, thank you for the beer lesson, and for the rest of you, check out the article on Wikipedia.
Actual Daisy Cutter bomb

The second beer was Abita's Purple Haze, which went even better with the pepperoni stick! Actually, All joking aside, this was a really fantastic beer. I wasn't able to get a decent picture in the bar of the beer, so i can't even show you how pretty it was. I am not really a fan of fruit in beer, but this raspberry beer might make me change my mind. The raspberry added a nice amount of sourness, but not enough to make you think the beer had gone bed, like most fruit beers I have tried. I like that it was a wheat brew also, it made it a little more even keeled in the mouth.

Since I mentioned Oktoberfest, it officially starts in Munich today!!! YAAY! Oh, I am at home, on the couch... well at least I have beer in my fridge. If you are one of the lucky ducks who is going to Oktoberfest, here is a list of some of the times and dates for festivities at Oktoberfest. Since I am not going to Oktoberfest, I thought I would throw my own Oktoberfest celebration.To celebrate, I ordered some Hoppy beer Girl T-shirts, one of which I will be giving out through this here blog in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out to be sure you don't miss your chance.

Don't forget to vote to send me to CanFest in Reno this fall!!! The voting is only open until Friday, September 23rd at noon Pacific time. follow this link to vote! If I get to go to CanFest I will be the happiest Hoppy Beer Girl Ever! And think of all the beer I can tell you to try!!! I am not above begging.

And because I can, here is another video from the Swedish Chef

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