Friday, October 7, 2011

I love October!!

Happy Birthday to my sister, my two Aunts (a little late and a little early) and my mother in law(way early). October is always full of fun stuff, family gatherings and outings, football and beer. This is probably why I like October so much. Since it is one of my favorite months, and I have been teasing you for almost two weeks with it, here is the low-down on the way to win a free HBG t-shirt (and other random goodies).
Here we go! Do you like to take pictures? (Of course you do!!) Do you like beer (duh!)? Well, not that I am trying to become a creepy stalker or anything, I want to see your pictures of beer, with you in them. I want you to send me your best, most creative, funniest, coolest pictures of you and your beer. Show me who reads, and how much you love beer. For example, this would be a bad picture to send me:

Because it is just beer on a bar, okay for writing about but bad for winning contests. This one is a little closer, because there is a person in it (and my awesome sticker)…

Now try to combine them in a fun way… Be creative! You can email me your pictures, or post them on my Facebook page, here!/pages/Hoppy-Beer-Girl/216744681682462 or you can click the “Like” button on the side of the page. If you don’t have Facebook, email your pictures to me at and I will add them to the contest album on Facebook.
What do you get if you win?? Well the first place winner gets a free Hoppy Beer Girl t-shirt and some random other free stuff. Second place, mostly random beer stuff including but not limited to beer cozies and Frisbees. Third place, well you will get something, but I am not sure yet.
So, you have three weeks to send in your pictures, I will include them along the way on the blog, and you can throw in your vote on Facebook by liking the pictures you like. Submissions will end October 28th, and the winner should be announced on October 31st. I will be putting together a non-expert judging panel to pick the winners. You MUST be 21 or over to send in pictures.
Got any questions? Let me know,
In other news, Beer night this weekend is up in the air as I am having a second cortisone shot and am not sure I will be up for beer. If there is, I will do another post this weekend, if there isn’t please accept my apology in advance.

Have a great Friday and please enjoy this video

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