Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beer Picture Contest!!! And the winners are....

I am sure the anticipation is just killing you!!! Who won the beer picture contest? Who gets a free t-shirt and random other stuff?? Well I can't say the competition was tough.... I only got one submission, though very creative and fun, there was only one. So Jeni and Allison, congratulations! I will be sending t-shirts and random stuff to you guys. I expect to see a new picture with you wearing my shirt soon!!

If you missed it, here is the winning picture again:

What did my esteemed judging panel have to say about the picture?

Michele: OMG! OMG! I haven't done that in ages....we used Pabst! Milwaukee's Best Ice, That too and "generic" and yes, in NE we had generic white/black label beer.

Blake: weird...

Me: LOL! That is super classy! I love it!

So there you have it.  

This is where I would usually start talking about our weekend beer experience... unfortunately we didn't have any beer this weekend. I blame it all on my husband.

Not this one, my fantasy husband would never do that (probably because he doesn't really exist)
This is the one who made me miss out on beer!

He spent the weekend in the hospital and that meant I spent the entire weekend worrying and trying to be a grown up. Let me tell you, that was no fun. What put him in the hospital you ask? Well (he is going to be upset with me for "over-sharing") he got bit on the ear by a venomous spider. I am not even pretending that I could make that up!!  He is home and recovering, and not yet shooting spider webs out of his wrists... but if that happens you had better believe I will be cashing in on that!

Anyone have any ideas on what we can make Blake's super-human name when the spider venom changes his DNA? Have any suggestions on beer I need to try? Want to just email me? I would love to hear from you! Sarah@hoppybeergirl.com 

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