Friday, February 15, 2013

Exciting New Stuff!!

Hi. I have missed this… missed you… missed talking about beer. I hope you missed me too. I know that two weeks isn't THAT long of a time to not write anything… but it feels like it has been an eternity.  I do have some new and exciting things coming soon…

First super exciting thing, I have expanded my realm of beer and drinking knowledge by adding a “west coast division” as they wish to be called, to my blog family. I have two wonderful people who will be writing (on a regular basis they promised) for the blog on all things Californian and beer. So YAY!! I am very excited about this, and cannot wait to get them started.

The next exciting thing is I (finally) have an affiliate for my blog. I feel so grown up!! After 100 posts (yes that many), I can finally say that I have a company that wants me to advertise for them on my blog! Who, you may ask, has decided that my blog works for them? Well it is Lets Pour, a website which I have used on many an occasion to purchase hard to find beer. You can find a banner at the bottom of my page, and check them out. They have some great deals on hard to find beers (and wine if you are into that thing). Be sure to play the Spin the bottle game to win a discount on your purchase!!

My Friend Mic
Did you hear me on the J2C3 Podcast a few weeks ago? Well you should (and beware, I got mighty drunk, so there is a lot of random giggling). Check it out! These guys are great! I really hope that they let me back. 

Yep, that is Jamie crying
Bri from 13 Monsters (check them out too!!)
Yummy Beer
And more yummy beer

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