Monday, September 9, 2013

Craft Beer Infographic (makes me thirsty)- Guest Post

I get a lot of emails for this blog. It surprises me every day, but I do. I get emails from talented and not-so-talented people. One of the recent emails I got was asking me to share an infographic on the growing business of craft beer. This is a subject that has recently been under discussion a great deal, both in my private life, and in my beer life. I thought that this was a nice contribution to share with you all, so I hope that you enjoy!

The rise of craft beer has been a noticeable trend throughout the last decade.  More and more people seem to moving away from the big 3 light beer companies in favor of locally brewed craft beer.  Those big 3 still have a strangle on the marketplace but the craft beer industry is on a steady rise. John Laloganes and Phil Mott, both Assistant professors at the Kendall College School of Hospitality along with the students at Kendall College helped to provide valuable insight into the craft beer industry as a whole which resulted in the infographic seen below:

Some key takeaways from the study and info graphic are as follows:

·         Craft brewers provide an estimated 103,585 jobs in this United States alone which includes serving staff in brewpubs.
·         Sales of craft beer nearly doubled from 5.7 billion in 2007 to 12 billion in 2012.  That number is expected to triple to over 36 billion in 2017. 
·         There are 2,403 breweries in 2012 which is the highest amount since the 1880s.
·         Irish Red’s pair well with burgers while Stouts pair well with deserts like Chocolate cake.
·         Nearly half of consumers would be interested in trying more craft beers if they knew more about the beers and where to find them.
·         Baby Boomers (32%) don’t enjoy craft beer as much as Millenials 43%
·         A total of 36% of consumers enjoy drinking craft beer.

The numbers don’t lie.  Get out and enjoy a craft beer with your fellow craft beer fans.  Cheers!

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