Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Date Night

This past Friday I decided that I needed to go out for a drink. I got my mother-in-law to babysit last minute and we decided to go to a local place that claims to have a great craft beer menu on the marquee. I had only been there once before and was pregnant, and we sat outside so I really had no idea what to expect. In my memories, I thought it was nice place, with a good atmosphere, and if they had a craft beer menu, it sounded like the best place to go. I am not really sure where to begin... I sort of wanted a nice night out with my husband, to have a beer and a whiskey and then go home.
Something like this: 

Maybe, I am watching too much Mad Men. However, I think that my disappointment would have been there no matter what.

There were no beer menus, or any menus at the table that we found when we got there. We sat at the table waiting for someone to come and get our drink order for like 10 minutes before I decided to go up to the bar where there were three bartenders, and place my order there. I stood there for another ten minutes while guy after guy got helped (did I mention these were female bartenders dressed like they also worked at Hooters?). When I thought I was going to get served, all THREE of them left... So rather than throw a fit at the bar, I went back to the table.

I sat down for about a minute before another scantily clad waitress came by and this time came up to Blake, like he was Donald Draper, and asked if we needed anything
So, we got our beer menu, and I hurriedly placed my order, having to point to the menu to be sure the waitress understood my beer order, she told me, "The beer menu is so large I can't keep any of it straight". Funny, because she didn't keep the two beers we ordered straight either, bringing Blake a totally different beer than he ordered. To exacerbate the evening, the DJ was playing Golden Oldies all night. I am talking about Simon and Garfunkel, and Elvis. Not exactly the type of music I was expecting. 

The beer menu was okay, about 40 different beers, including "domestic beers" like Bud and Miller. I guess I set my expectations too high. I suppose I was hoping that something other than the $3 Jameson Shots and my wonderful husband as a companion would have made our date night awesome... 

Does anyone know where I can go to have my dream date night? Do I have to travel back in time and find a bar in Manhattan? I have been told by several people that if you are at this particular establishment later in the evening (we left at 10 pm) then it picks up and gets a lot more fun. I suppose I will have to try it again, I am just not in any big rush.

Well, at least the beer was good. I had: 

Summit MaiBock
Summit Brewing Company's MaiBock. I love a good MaiBock, and this was a good one.

Weihenstephaner (It was really dark sorry)
I also had Weihenstephaner Vitus, which was really delicious. It was nice and earthy, with that straight from the barnyard flavor that I love so much. I will be looking for this one again, and hopefully get a better picture.


  1. Well Darlin' if you only lived near Seattle you could have your way with dozens of great little bars and restaurants with craft beers, great service and a bit of ambiance to boot. Our craft beer date nights are the best and we haven't yet completed our local list because there are really that many amazing places here. We are spoiled here! If you ever come to town, let me know.

    1. Oh, I don't doubt that! I lived in Seattle for a few months, and fell in love with the city. I am hoping I can get back out there soon, and I will let you know :)


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