Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brewery Tour at Two Brothers Brewery

I guess I had some catching up to do since we haven't had a real tasting in two weeks... So I guess I made up for it today. We went to Two Brothers Brewery in Warrenville, IL today to take advantage of their (free!) brewery tour and tasting. You can get the specifics here.

Monarch White

We arrived too late for the 1:00 tour, but too early for the 2:30 tour so we took a seat in the Tap House and ordered two giant soft pretzels (delish!) and a couple of beers. I had the seasonal Monarch White beer, which is a light and earthy white beer with a gorgeous light color. The first word that came to mind when I sipped it was scrumptious. Blake ordered the Ebel's Weiss, which had strong notes of vanilla and banana, and was very tasty as well.

Having another 40 minutes to go before the tour, we ordered a second round. I had the award winning Domaine DuPage, which is a darker ale, with a very rich taste. It was perfectly balanced with a roasty malt flavor and a nice hoppy ending. My counterpart ordered the seasonal brew, Dog Days, which was "damn good".

Domaine DuPage

The nice part about the tour at Two Brothers (besides it being free) was that we didn't have to make a reservation like some breweries require. The tour was entertaining and informative, with a short history of the story of the brothers of Two Brothers and how they got into the craft beer business. The tour took about 45 minutes and was ended by everyone being given 3 vouchers for 3 samplings in the Tap House.

 For our samples, we each chose a different beer, allowing us to sample all of the Two Brother Beers on the menu for the day. I can honestly say that we didn't try one that we didn't like, love, or want to order another. The Caine and Ebel  Red Rye was smooth and tasty; the Resistance IPA wasn't overpowering but balanced and flavorful. North Wind Stout  was what every stout should hope to become when they grow up. The Long Haul Seasonal Ale was hoppy upfront but then smoothed out to a classy delicious brew, that like it's name, could be something you would drink for the long haul. The Bitter End American Ale  was probably the most surprising to me, as it wasn't trying to shock your taste buds with the hops flavor, but was smooth and easy to drink. Then there was Prairie Path Golden Ale which had an unassuming smell and first note, then the flavors of the Midwest, of summer, of golden wheat, of sunshine hit you like a heavy weight. I know that we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at two brothers and hope that you are all within their distribution area (which is limited) so that you can try some of these magnificent beers.
Two Brothers Sampling
I hope that you enjoyed and celebrated National Craft beer week.

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