Thursday, January 24, 2013

Revolution Brewing, Brewery Tour

Last weekend, I had the fortune to be able to go to Revolution Brewing with my friends, sister, and husband. We had an amazing time. The food was AMAZING (you have to check it out), and of course, the beer was fantastic. Since we made it to Revolution Brewing early, we were able to sign up for their Saturday Brewery Tour. They do have a larger brewing and bottling facility that you can tour throughout the week, but only the brewpub is available for tours on Saturday.
View of the brewery from our table
Almost immediately after we finished eating our brunch, we were called to go on the tour. I can only say that our timing couldn't have been more perfect. After being instructed to head up a flight of stairs, and past the upstairs dining area, we arrived at the beginning of the brewery tour, with tasty beer samples waiting for us (The Rye IPA if you are curious).
Terrible picture of the brewer/tour guide
Most brewery tours are similar, you listen to the guide talk about how they choose the ingredients, how the brewing process works, and then you get to walk around and look at the equipment. What I thought was really cool and different was that we got to actually handle (and taste) some of the ingredients that are used. Not everyone wanted to handle the goods so to speak, but I thought it was great.

Cool copper boiler

Heading into the basement, looking into the dinning room
We got to walk around the building quite a bit, as part of the brewery in in the basement of the building, which of course meant Blake and Matt had to duck down to avoid being scalped by the ceiling.


Beer aging in whiskey barrels. Can you see the beer?
There is a bung in the bunghole!
After the tour, we decided to sit and have another drink. Revolution Brewing has quite an array of beers that they make. I decided to have their Coup D'Etat Saison (you can check the availability here).
Here we are sitting
If you have read my blog really at all, you know that I love a good saison. This one is quite a gem, smooth and flavorful, it was wonderful  The best part is my sister bought me a growler of it as a birthday present (THANK YOU!!!)
Coup D'Etat
The entire day was a great time. Great food, great beer, great company, great atmosphere. What more could a girl ask for?
If you are in the Chicago area, you should check out Revolution Brewery, both the food and the beer are great. Here is the info on the brewpub.

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