Friday, January 4, 2013

Some Awesome Beer-How We Closed Out 2012

I have had quite a few fantastic beers over the last couple of weeks. It should have come as no surprise then, that Blake and I finished 2012 with some even more mindbogglingly tasty brews. We have been on a great beer streak lately, I am hoping that I didn't just jinx myself...

The Krampus bottle says, “Brewed with the spirit of Krampus, the fanged, goat-horned bully that is, as European tradition suggests, the evil sidekick of St. Nicholas and enforcer of the list. While St. Nicholas delivers presents to the good boys and girls, Krampus is there to punish the naughty children.”

Talk about a good story to read while enjoying a good beer! We opened this on Christmas evening, and the 9.0% alcohol per volume definitely helped make us merry and bright. This was a strongly hopped beer, as you would expect, but was so perfectly spiced that it was really easy to drink…my only problem was that the bottle ended. Another fine beer by Southern Tier.

I purchased this beer because it was tagged, one of the top 25 beers of the year. Figured, How can I go wrong with that? Well let me tell you, this was one of those life changing beers. It only gets better as you drink it, it opens up as it warms up, but never becomes overwhelming. I was amazed that a saison could be both so simple, and so complex at the same time. This is definitely on my list of buy again beers, and best beers for 2012.  We cracked this one open and toasted the new year in with it. What a great way to finish 2012!

I hope that you all had a great end to 2012, I know that I am looking forward to all the adventures that 2013 will bring.

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