Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Grab Some Buds

It's July 4th, and I have a fun-filled post today (or so I tell myself). I hosted my Budweiser party yesterday, and it was better than expected. We had lots of food, and lots of beer. Budweiser sent us t-shits and all sorts of give-aways, not to mention vouchers for beer.

We purchased four types of Budweiser for the party, since it had been such a long time since we drank the stuff we didn't know what we would like. There was the original Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Select, and a surprisingly tasty Budweiser American Ale. The American Ale was hoppier than any of the other Bud products, I have to say it was my favorite of the choices we had. Of course there was a a little debate over that, some people decided to stick with the Bud Select or Bud Light, but never-the-less, there was plenty of Budweiser going around.

Because I am weird, and like my quizzes so much, I had to create a trivia contest in order to hand out the give-aways. I tried to get a good cross-section American history, Beer history and Budweiser history facts in the quiz. Here are some of the questions (I admit I got carried away and there were 14 questions)

1)      The pilgrims decided to make an emergency landing (winding up at Plymouth Rock) because they were low on:
a.       Beer
b.      Food
c.       Water

2)      Which of the Founding Fathers did NOT die one July 4th?
a.       John Adams

b.      Thomas Jefferson
c.       James Monroe
d.      Benjamin Franklin

3)      Which two presidents had the Budweiser Clydesdales at their inauguration?
a.       Harry Truman
b.      Richard Nixon

c.       George W. Busch
d.      Bill Clinton
4)      During Prohibition, Budweiser continued to brew non-alcoholic beer and a non-alcoholic cereal drink called:
a.       Not-beer

b.      Bevo
c.       Budweiser breakfast

Justin and Amy showing off their new Budweiser t-shirts

Here are my guests modelling some of the fun give-aways we had
Rachel showing off her new Budweiser apron

We even had a chance to do some fun Budweiser Product Placement pictures!

Amy's product placement picture

Christie doing a product placement picture

An actual picture of Blake! With his Bud shirt and beer
Super Enthusiastic Justin with his Bud Light
I think that overall we had a good party (though the turn out was smaller than expected). We were able to sample some of Budweisers offerings and enjoy the gorgeous weather we had (not to mention have soe delicious grilled fare).
I still have some give-aways from Budweiser, not to mention stickers with my super awesome hoppy Beer Girl logo on them. If you send me an email with the correct answers to ALL four of the quiz questions, I will send you some free stuff. Email me at, this excludes anyone pictured in this blog, you already got the free stuff :)

You may have noticed that there has been some switching back and forth with the blog this week. I purchased my domain name (yay!) and then messed it up by trying to make it fancy... BUT I am working on getting it fixed, and fancy. I am hoping to create a Reader's Gallery where I can put up pictures of YOU drinking beer. Here is one that my sister sent me from her trip to the Bahamas. I am not sure what I am more jealous of, the setting, or the quality of her camera! Send me your pictures!

Kalik in the Bahamas

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