Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Wednesday (finally!)

What a week this has been so far! I hate to admit it, but I thought for a little bit that I wasn't going to be able to write a post for today. We had a nasty storm Monday morning and lost power to most of the area. There are still a ton of people without power. I will be honest, it never occurred to me that losing electricity would suck SO much.
When I found out that we lost power at my house my train of thought was like this (imagine the panic level rising as the thoughts are coming)
No power= no AC
No power= no Facebook!
No power= food will be going bad!!
No power= beer might go bad!!!
Question my priorities if you must... but that is the way the thoughts came to me. You will be happy to know (as I was) that the beer is still good and we don't have to dump any of our precious beer.

I have compiled a list of things I learned during my 36+ hours without electricity...
* When you live in a townhouse, your neighbors are closer and much louder than you remember
*No matter how many times you hit the "ON" switch, the fan won't turn on
*Candles are not awesome for reading, and only make the 85 degree/82% humidity atmosphere in your house warmer
* Baby pools are awesome, no matter how old you are
* The compulsiveness your husband thought was bearable quickly becomes almost too obnoxious to handle, especially when you can't stop opening the fridge to see if the beer is still cold when you shouldn't be opening the fridge at all.
* The biggest thing that I learned is something that I might need some help illustrating (hint hint). The amount of time spent with a 2 year old divided by temperature plus amount of time without electricity is directly proportional to the chance someone is going to get hit. I dont' mean the toddler will get hit (though I almost understand it) I am referring to the people at the electricity company, the person who made laptop batteries so weak, the woman staring at us as the toddler has a meltdown because she wants Yo Gabba Gabba and she is hot and hungry and at a restaurant, the waitress who took 45 minutes to get us a waffle with ice cream and a cup of juice... those are the people who have an increased chance off being smacked.

The lesson for this week, don't take your nice air conditioning, cold beer, generally well behaved toddler life for granted. All that it takes to change that is a 70 mph wind and a shaky transformer. The minute you realize that your lap top battery is dying and there is no Yo Gabba Gabba for your hot cranky toddler and no cold beer to calm your nerves, you will wish for it all to be back to normal.

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