Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Beer Quiz!!

Yes! It's official! It is already Wednesday! I check the calendar three times to make sure...
So, the answer to last week's quiz.... What is the best temperature to serve beer at? 100% of the people who took the quiz got it right (go you!). The correct answer is, It's different for each type of beer. Looks like you know how to serve your beer. You can find out about specific temperatures for you specific beers at Now if only the temperature outside would cool off, we are approaching 100 degrees.

Did you enjoy the articles and blogs I routed you to on Monday? I hope so... but not too much that you wont' keep coming here to read my blog.

Today I would like to take a second to give you another handy website that I found... It is a page dedicated to keeping track of beer festivals! has every month of the year for you to peruse, and peruse you should!

I am sorry to break it to you, but this week there won't be a quiz. I just am out of trivia at the moment. If you have a good idea, topic or question to be the quiz for the week, please, please, please email it to me.

I got so many interesting beers this Saturday at my daughter's birthday party that we should be set for a few weeks for tasting beer, but if there are any that you want to suggest, I will reward your email suggestion with not only gratitude and a shout-out on this blog, but also your choice of stickers or pens( sorry nothing cooler)

Still no word on the domain problem that is plaguing me, but don't worry, I am still writing and putting together the photo gallery (which means I need you to keep sending pictures of you with beer, or just beer).

Hang in there, this week is already half over!

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