Monday, April 2, 2012

Fun Times at Chicago Beer Festival

Eh! We got tiny cups!
The Chicago Beer Festival reaffirmed my dreams of reincarnation as a strain of wild, delicious, Belgian yeast. We had such a fantastic time! There were so many wonderful people and beers, and all in 3 hours.

The start of the line to get in

Some highlights were Hacker Pschorr's Mai Bock, which I thought was clean, perfectly balanced, and refreshing.

Victoria, from the Modelo Cerveceria, what a surprising beer this was! I have had Modelo before and always thought that it was the best tasting beer that was "hecho en Mexico", but Victoria blew my mind. I didn't know that Mexican beer could be so smooth, yet malty and hoppy.

We tried Sam Adams' Cherry Wheat. I wish I could say that it was the best fruit beer I have ever tried, but since I haven't found that one yet, this was surely very close to the best.

Brendan modelling the dinky tasters

North Coast Brewery had Pranqster. This beer had all the barnyard-y goodness that I love and dream about in a beer, with a great clean finish. I will be on the lookout for more of this for sure!!

We hit some of my favorite breweries like Bell's, Abita, Southern Tier, Goose Island, Ommegang, and Brooklyn Brewery. We also found new favorites such as Uncommon Brewers, Chi-Town Brewery, and Lakefront Brewery.

The line by Sam Adams

New Belgium's tent

Amy and Eric

Action shot!

Eric, I said "action shot"

There we go, Action Shot!

No, the beer is good, but is that a guy in Leiderhosen?

Yes, that is a guy in Leiderhosen

 Blake, pontificating Dragon's Milk

With all the beer I was a little giddy, and super enthusiastic, but I think we had a successful and incredibly fun excursion. The people were super nice and helpful. I will admit, that after a long day it was really nice to come home to my sweet daughter.
My peanut!!

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