Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back into the swing of things

I am making an effort to be on schedule this week, we will see how it goes... A few things before we get to this week's beers. First, PLEASE send me suggestions for beers to try, beers to look for or just fun beer stuff. You can message me on Facebook, email me at or you can leave a comment, right here, on this blog. The second thing is really more of an interesting thing for you, even if you can't make it to the Beer School 101 in Crystal Lake, IL at Duke's Alehouse and Kitchen, you should check out the website for the monthly beer classes.
Okay, time to get down to brass tacks...
This week we had two beers from two of the biggest craft breweries in the nation, and yes, I know one is no longer considered a craft brewery after being purchased by Anheuser-Busch, and yes, I understand the controversy (and complaining) about the purchase. But my thought is, wait and see if anything changes for the worse before we get upset.
Demolition from Goose Island
First up, Demolition from Goose Island (I repeat, I am not swearing them off until there is a drop in quality).Alcohol by Volume: 7.2%. There is an interesting story behind this beer, it was developed as a thank you to the people who kept the Brewpub open as there was construction going on around them.
Color: Golden and clear
Taste: Nothing really knocks your socks off here. It is a good beer with a nice hops flavor while you can still taste the yeast, but nothing overpowers you.
Musings: I liked this one, I thought I could drink it all night without getting sick of it or having weird tastes in my mouth; though with 7.2% alcohol per volume it probably is a beer you shouldn't drink ALL night. It was a good quality ale that was good on its own (and good with cheesy beer dip). Blake wasn't very impressed with it, I think it is because he is sick, but that is just my opinion. I will definitely be having Demolition again. I think that if you don't want something that is too different or as my mom says, "weird beer", this is a good place to start exploring something different without leaving your comfort zone.

Theobroma by Dogfish Head

The second beer we tasted was Theobroma from Dogfish Head. 9.0% alcohol per volume. This is another one of the Ancient Ales from Dogfish Head that I am such a fan of (yes I know I am a nerd). You really need to read about this one whether or not you try it, which I think you should.This is a beer brewed with cocoa and ancho chiles, and is based off of a reciepe gleened from the chemical make-up from residue on Aztec pottery.
Color: Surprisingly red-gold rather than dark like you would expect for a chocolate beer
Taste: Like nothing you have ever tasted before! This beer tasted like Mexican hot chocolate, like a chocolate stout, and like a crisp spicy ale all at the same time.
Musings: This beer is an experience unto itself. I really liked it, even Blake liked it which is unusual as you may know by now. This beer has so much going on, but it isn't overpowering. Theobroma is easy to drink, and it is easy to imagine why this was the drink of the gods. I really think that you should try this beer, not just because I am a history nerd and there is such a rich history surrounding this, and not just because I am a beer dork and it is so far from what you have had before, but because it is an amazing beer-ience.

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