Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Quiz

The answer to the beer quiz, “Which brewery is America's oldest operating commercial brewery?” is Yuengling Brewery. Established in 1829 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, Yuengling is the oldest still operating brewery in America. I hear it is really good beer that hasn’t been changed/watered-down/ruined over a hundred years of marketing to the American palate, unfortunately since they are only distributed on the east coast I can’t say I have tried it (note to anyone going to the east coast, bring me back a beer).
Next we have, Joseph Schlitz Brewery , established in 1848 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Schlitz is synonymous with cheap beer after they changed their recipe in the early 1970’s, but in 2008 the Schlitz Brewing Company brought back the original recipe to a huge amount of fan-fare, and not just from my dad! Sadly this too is a beer I haven’t had…mostly because I forget about it. Maybe I will buy a six-pack and share it with my pops on Fathers’ Day this Sunday. Schlitz has a very interesting history, and it has become a beloved institution of the Midwest.
Anhueser Busch Brewing Company was established in 1852 and has gone on to become one of the largest beer corporations in America. I could go on for hours about Anhueser-Busch, the history, the current goings-on, etc. But I won’t… and that goes the same for another Milwaukee institution, Miller Brewing Company. Miller was established in 1855 and is the other GIANT beer corporation in America.
So there you have it, the oldest operating commercial breweries in the United States. Love them, hate them, never tried them, you can’t deny that they have had a long history in the country, and have shaped the beers we drink today. The answers were split evenly across the board for all of the breweries.
For this week, I am thinking that I will try a suggestion that I got. It was suggested that I should make my quizzes about something on the blog, so the reader (you) don’t have to go pull up Google and type in the question. Now you have to look through old posts! HA!(evil-half- cackle) This week I will also be offering a very swanky prize!!! Brace yourself!!! Ready?!?! STICKERS!!! (this is where I am imagining you screaming with enthusiasm, like Oprah show enthusiasm, not the sort of bummed out face you are actually making).You heard it! I have finally dropped some cash on some Hoppy Beer Girl swag to hand out. The thing is, in order to verify that you have the correct answer and not someone impersonating you to get my awesome stickers, you will have to email me your answer… I know… more work… email me at with Weekly Beer Quiz in the subject line. Then you can give me your answer and any praise you want. I will send everyone with the correct email address a message next week to get info to send you cool stuff.
Have a good rest of your week! And prepare to have your mind blown by my Fathers’ Day beer plans! Well maybe not, but I think it is a good plan…
Oh and thank you to Amy for the suggestion

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