Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not forgotten

I just wanted to let you know that I didn't forget to do a blog post this weekend, we have been having some connectivity issues at home. We had two fantastic beers that I highly suggest you check out.
The first beer we had was Anchor Brewing's Steam Beer. It was a very interesting beer, not terribly different from what you are used to, but different enough to keep you interested. The history about how they brew the beer is very interesting. The color was something else all together. I highly suggest you go out today and try to find this beer.
The second beer was Two Brother's Weiss Beer. It was phenomenal, especially since barley wine usually makes me make faces because it is either too sour or too booze-y. Unfortunately this is a seasonal beer and isn't listed on the Two Brother's website, but I found a page with it on my second favorite beer website (mine is the first of course) Beer Advocate.
I will be back tomorrow with the weekly Wednesday post. If you haven't taken the quiz this week, you might want to... I am trying to think of prizes for correct answers! WOO! Unfortunately since we are having issues at home I wasn't able to upload pictures of the beer from this weekend, but trust me, they were interesting, pretty bottles and delicious beers.

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