Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday Post (on Thursday again)

I am getting so bad with this posting on time thing... BUT this time it wasn't my fault... I am blaming Mother Nature. Mother Nature sent a super nasty storm across the country and I was stranded in New York without my laptop, so that is why there was no post yesterday.
Alright, time for the quiz. No one (not a single person) emailed me an answer to the quiz this week, so I am assuming that means it was too difficult to look through old posts to find the answer, which was Solstice d'hiver(Winter Solstice) and it was terrible. SO, no one gets stickers... I feel like I am being really mean when I say that....
I am not sure if our palates are not cultivated enough to enjoy barley wine, or if that was a bad example of barley wine. According to Beer Advocate, it could be both, they describe the beer a little bit but have some suggestions for the best out there, and the one we tried isn't on the list. Barley wine is simply a strong beer that has a specific gravity (chemistry stuff that I don't understand at this point in time) and is in a specific range of alcohol content, between 8% and 12.5%. Each brewer makes their barley wine differently and I think that this difference could be the key. You see, we had a barley wine from Two Brothers that we really liked. It wasn't overly alcoholic in taste and unlike the Solstice d'hiver, it actually tasted like beer. My suggestion to you all is, try one of the barley wines that beer Advocate suggests... let me know how it is, and what you think. It could just be me :)
No quiz this week... not a punishment, just don't have the time for it today.
I would like to show you some pictures from my Father's day excursion to Indiana... My cousin and her wonderful husband made us a fantastic German and Polish feast. I also asked them to guest post for me on their recent trip to Germany.
Check out the centerpieces that my cousin made. Isnt' that the cutest use for recycled beer bottles? Have you ever done anything with recycled beer bottles or cans?

This is my super awesome grandpa with his beer.

This is my dad and my daughter.... what a cutie pie!


I know I said this blog wasn't about my daughter, but I love her and this is a super cool picture of her looking super cool. No, she didn't drink that beer, this was posed and at no point did she handle any alcohol.

It feels like Fathers' Day was weeks ago, not days ago!
I hope that you are all looking forward to this weekend's post. I will be talking abotu drinking beer in another state! And there will be pictures of beer!

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