Monday, March 26, 2012

Party Planning, I need some help

If you couldn’t tell, I didn’t meet my goal of posting every day for a week… I am a little bummed, but at the same time exceptionally happy that I have such wonderful, supportive friends and family who helped me get through 4 days of straight blogging.
To be fair, here are my answers to the questions I asked:
  1. Why do you drink beer?
 Taste, Portability (you look like a lush walking around with a bottle of wine), and comfort.
  1. Why do you like beer? I grew up in a house where beer was an everyday thing, and imported beer was a special treat, when I got old enough to buy beer I guess it just seemed to be the natural drink to choose, it is like a comfort food to me.
  2. What kinds of beers do you like?
 I LOVE Belgian style brew, anything that tastes like a barnyard is like heaven to me, but I am also trying as many new beers as I possibly can.
  1. What do you want from your beer? Conversely, what don’t you want from your beer?
I want a good experience and a good story. My favorite thing to do after tasting a beer is reading about it while I drink it, whether on the label or online. It is like a mini adventure. I don’t want to be bombarded with too many flavors and I don’t want to drink something just because it’s trendy (point in case sour ales, I can’t handle them but they are the new thing apparently)
  1. If I use the word “craft: beer, what does that mean to you?
It means that someone who cares about, is passionate about beer made decisions about brewing this beer with extreme thought, and that the end goal was a good product, not how many pallets will it please.
According to the Brewers Association the definition of Craft beer is,” An American craft brewer is small, independent and traditional.” Well we all know that there are exceptions to every rule, and daily I think we are seeing more and more exceptions to this definition as brewers become less traditional, and some breweries become larger but are able to remain independent (Dogfish Head and New Belgium), while others get purchased by “the man” but are able to continue to produce the same product that made them so phenomenal in the first place (Goose Island).
In other news… My blogiversary is coming up!!! April 15th was the first blog post I ever wrote. So to honor that I am having a little soiree at chez moi, and I need your help! I have constructed a table (anyone who knows me is not surprised by this) and the table tells me what sort of cheese to pair with which type of beer, and what food item I am preparing to include the cheese and match the beer. Very complicated I know. 

What I need from you is help deciding what actual beer is the best one to serve.  I did list the beers that I am thinking about serving, but I want to hear your suggestions or anything that you see that I am doing wrong. I want this to be a celebration of all the things that I have learned over the past year, and that means I want to have as much involvement from everyone who makes me enjoy writing this blog

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