Thursday, March 1, 2012

revenir, ritorno, voltar, återgå

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Return may refer to:
In business, economics, and finance
Rate of return, the financial term for the profit or loss derived from an investment
Tax return (disambiguation), various meanings relating to taxation
Returning, the process of bring back merchandise to a retailer for a refund or exchange
Return (economics), the benefit distributed to the owner of a factor of production.
Abnormal return, denoting the difference in behaviour between one stock and the overall stockmarket
Taxes, where tax returns are forms submitted to taxation authorities
In technology
Return (architecture), the receding edge of a flat face
Carriage return, a key on an alphanumeric keyboard commonly equated with the "enter" key

Well none of these things really encompass my return to beer consumption this past weekend. There are many ways to say "I'm Back"
Well it wasn't quite like that... but I was excited to crack one (or 3) open. So, we had a few good beers this past weekend, and one I was not so excited about.
We started with Grand Teton Grand Saison, which I thought was a little hoppier than I expected. It was a crisp and clean beer with a  gorgeous color. I liked that you could taste the hops, as well as the malt. Like any Saison, it is more of a refreshing beer than a filling one. 
The next one we cracked open was Dogfish Head's Hellhound. Normally I LOVE Dogfish beers, but this was one I can't say I liked. According to the Dogfish website, "Hellhound is a super-hoppy ale that hits 100 IBUs in the brewhouse and 10% ABV. It's dry-hopped with 100% Centennial hops at a rate of 100 kilos per 100 barrel brew-length". Boy do I wish I had read that before I opened it... it is also brewed with lemon. It smelled a bit like a Lemon Head, but the citrus/hops combination is very powerful and, in my opinion, too overwhelming. Blake liked it. I recommend you make your own decision on this one.

After all the hops, my mouth was aching for something a little more mellow, and malty. This is when I decided to open my Smuttynose Winter Ale (it is still winter). I thought that this was a really light (as far as winter beers go) and tasty beer. I loved the tones of vanilla and the gorgeous dark color. These are the types of beer that I look forward to each year, and really the second winter brew I have had all winter.

The last beer that we had was Bear Republic's Racer 5, well not really we but Blake. I wasn't about to go back into the IPA territory, as it would seem that my taste buds have become unaccustomed to extreme IBU's. Again, this one was one that Blake really liked. He said it was crisp, clean, and well balanced. 

So that is it for my first beer review in what seems like forever. I hope I didn't leave you disappointed. 


  1. I've grown quite comfortable with not liking every single beer a company like Dogfish puts out. As they, and others, breach the territory of extreme or unusual beers there are bound to be some that don't appeal to me.

    BR's Racer IPA is the only one I've actually tried here and I'd agree that it's one of the better session IPAs.

    1. Very true! You can't expect to like every beer from a company that you enjoy.


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